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3 things any SME should look for when choosing an accountant in 2021

3 things any SME should look for when choosing an accountant in 2021

SMEs are the real backbone of the UK economy and are key to the nation's financial health. Anyone who runs an SME knows that there is a lot to stay on top of and plenty to sort out each day.

Business finance is certainly a crucial area and one that any business must get right to succeed. The problem for some business owners is that they do not have the time or skills to look after it themselves. While they could hire permanent staff to cover this, they come with associated costs SMEs might not want to take on.

The best solution is to outsource your business finance needs to a professional accountant. This enables you to get the help you need but in a more cost-effective way. But what should you look for in an accountant when hiring one in 2021?

Range of services

Many people incorrectly assume that all an accountant can help with is tax, bookkeeping, VAT returns & payroll. While these are key services, you should look for one which offers more. Audit support services, for example, can be very handy if you get notified by HMRC that your business will be audited. Benefit and Universal Credit advisory services are also worth looking for, in case you ever need expert help with what you could claim. By hiring an accountant who can assist with a wide range of things, you can get help for them in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

Great customer support

Any SME will also need to look for an accountant who offers excellent customer service. If you can never get hold of your accountant or they do not treat you in a professional manner, you will soon get frustrated. This could then mean that you fail to get answers to vital questions or do not feel comfortable speaking to them. Before choosing an accountant, check out what sort of reputation they have online and check for positive customer testimonials on their website.

Value for money

All SMEs will be working to a budget. This means you must pick an accountant who offers good value for money because this will help you stay within budget. Do not just go for the cheapest though; it is vital to balance out cost with the service you get. If you can find an accountant which offers good value for the support/services it gives, this is a smart move.

Choose Taxcare Accountancy

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