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  • 3 reasons why using audit support services makes sense

    Any business owner knows that there are many things to deal with when running a company. Finance and accounting certainly come high up this list. One key aspect of accounting you may need to tackle from time to time is an audit of your company's finances. This may be because you have received an audit notice from HMRC or choose to conduct your own internal audit. While you could try dealing with an audit alone, many organisations will hire audit support services to help. But why does this make sense?

  • Year end accounts & corporation tax for beginners

    When setting up a new business, there are a few ways to structure it. One popular option is to form a Limited Company. Many choose this to keep the legal liabilities of the business separate from the person who actually owns it. Forming as this sort of company does come with some specific requirements though. Year-End Accounts & Corporation Tax are high on this list and are something all Limited Companies must get to grips with. If you are new to owning a business though or do not have much experience with this type of company, it may seem daunting.

  • Why might HMRC start a tax investigation into your business?

    When it comes to running your own business, making sure you have your accounts in order is key. It is also essential to submit any tax returns to HMRC on time. Whether it is the simple end of year accounts for sole traders or more complex tax reporting for Limited Companies, this is an area you must get to grips with. You may have also heard of HMRC selecting certain businesses for a tax investigation after returns are sent in. This basically sees inspectors look through your records to verify that your returns are correct. Needless to say, any discrepancies can prove very serious.

  • 3 handy tips for looking after small business payroll

    While bookkeeping, VAT returns and payroll are all key to many small businesses, it is payroll that the vast majority often need a hand with. This is naturally a very important aspect of any business because it deals with paying your staff. Any hiccups here can really cause problems! It is also key to get right so that HMRC have the correct information around tax and NI information for employees. If you need a few handy tips to make looking after payroll simpler, the below should help.

  • 3 ways a professional accountant can help - which you might not know about

    Most people know how useful hiring a professional accountancy firm is for dealing with tax returns, VAT returns and bookkeeping. Many do not know though that qualified accountant can help with so much more! Most will actually offer a variety of handy services across a wide range of finance-related subjects. By taking advantage of them, you are able to get expert advice on areas you might need guidance on. But what type of additional services could a qualified accountant assist you with?

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