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  • A beginner's guide to HMRC tax investigations

    If there is one thing which makes most business owners wake up in a cold sweat, it is the prospect of undergoing an HMRC tax investigation. Even for those who have done nothing wrong, it can fill them with dread and cause a lot of extra stress. As with most things in life, you can take the sting out of a tax investigation by finding out more about it in advance.

  • 3 common self-assessment tax return mistakes all sole traders should avoid

    When it comes to sole trader accounts and personal tax returns, it pays to be on the ball. This is especially true when it comes to filling in your annual self-assessment tax return as a sole trader. Not paying close attention to this key business task can see you land in hot water with HMRC and face stiff penalties. Very often, it is actually helpful to see what common mistakes other sole traders make, so you can avoid them. But which are normally seen time and time again?

  • Can you inherit debts?

    With so many people forced to use credit to manage their household and business finances, one of the most commonly asked questions is ‘Does my debt die with me?’.

    Or, families of those who experience financial difficulties are concerned that they will inherit any outstanding obligations when their loved one dies.

  • Myths about auto-enrolment and workplace pensions

    As you may be aware, all employers in the UK are required to automatically enrol their employees into a workplace pension scheme. Unfortunately, while auto-enrolment laws tend to benefit workers in the long term, there are several myths circulating about pensions and how best to fund one’s retirement. To help set the record straight, we’ve busted some of the most common misconceptions about auto-enrolment and the workplace pension:

  • What are CIS refunds and am I eligible to receive one?

    The world of contracting and subcontracting can be complicated enough without the complex matters of tax introduced. If you work in the construction sector, you have likely heard of something called the Construction Industry Scheme, commonly abbreviated as CIS. We'll be answering some of the commonly asked questions about CIS, including what it is and the eligibility criteria to receive a CIS refund.

    What is the CIS?

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