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How can an accountant help your business start-up?

How can an accountant help your business start-up?

Accountants offer a wide selection of services - from payroll and financial reports to tax returns and expansion advice - that will help your business start-up succeed and thrive. In an ideal situation, you should've had several conversations with an accountant before beginning your new business about company formation, partnerships, and taxation. Many start-up owners have little to no previous business experience, so this guidance is crucial. Here we’ve put together a guide that highlights the ways an accountant could help your business.

1. Offer financial stability

After helping you get your tax returns, payroll, and pensions in order, you’ll have an accurate and reliable idea of all your business income and expenditure. Managing business finances is completely different from handling your personal finances, with many more factors, such as cash flow, auditing, taxation and invoicing to consider.

2. Effective marketing

With reliable financial advice, you’ll also be able to spend more time, and more money, on marketing your business. Depending on your cash flow and expenses, you’ll know how much money you can put into a marketing campaign and when it’s the right time to do so.

3. Up-to-date information

Your accountant will help you stay up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations that you’ll need for your business. In turn, this will help you make vital decisions, such as when to invest in new equipment or when to hire more employees.

Could I do the accounting myself?

Many small business owners do their own finances for one reason: to avoid paying for accountancy services. While it's perfectly acceptable to do your own accounting, you’ll be missing out on the expert advice and knowledge that a good accountant can offer. Not only will they explain complicated terminology and processes, but they can also help you formulate a business plan, make you aware of financial opportunities, and provide suggestions about future expansion.

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